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in the emeryville area on 80 westbound. this is stalled big rig right here in the second lane from the right and a stalled car with somebody out of car right here behind it. just before powell street after ashby, westbound 80, very careful in the area. cars are coming up quickly. there is somebody walking across the freeway. you can see the flashlights and cars are beginning to stop. dangerous situation on 80 in the emeryville area. this san mateo bridge commute. it is looking good in the westbound direction. no delays headed in the eastbound direction. central valley, still looking pretty good towards livermore. delays here. 15 minute from altamont. here is a look at drive times, san mateo bridge from hayward over to foster city, 101 to marin county and 80 east shore freeway, stalled big rig near powell street. >>> next the effort by some state lawmakers to triple the vehicle license fees you pay, where they want that money to go. >> eric: how much is the kitty in the window? it's a sure sign that the holidays are here. >>> good morning, live shot of emeryville 80 westbound, stalled big rig
to kara lou with that best buy in emeryville with why experts say that online shopping could affect the black friday turn out this year. >> reporter: well, heather this is one of the healthier lines, and as the wraps around the store. more than 165 people in line. but customers tell me that this is a substantially shorter line than last year at this time. increasing online auctions and internet sales that seem to pop up earlier and earlier, could be taking a bite out of the traditional black friday frenzy. camped out at best buy in emeryville since tuesday, this is tradition for car loss rodriguez and his wife cameron. but fighting the you crowds they say is downright miserable. >> we do all of our shopping online so that we can get it delivered and gift-wrapped by somebody else who doesn't have a 4-month-old and a four and a half-year-old. >> this mom is planning on shopping almost exclusively online. >> every ad for the last four days has had a black friday theme. it's making me stay away. absolutely. >> reporter: online retailers like amazon and many traditional brick and mortar
for a great deal on a great big television camped out overnight in emeryville. best buy opened its doors at midnight to hundreds of eager shoppers. they went after deals, such as a 40-inch screen television for $180, or a laptop for just $200. one man told us it worked out well for him, because he went with a plan. at liver mother's new paragon outlet stores. it is the first outlet mall to open here in california in more than 10 years. it's expected to create 2,000 permanent jobs, on top of hundreds more seasonal positions. >>> store sales indicate a 2.3% increase so far for black friday compared to last year, and on-line sales have jumped about 20%. overall, holiday spending is expected to grow by 4.1%. all of that shopping enthusiasm spread to the stock market today. the dow shot up more than 170 points, and the nasdaq was up more than 40 points. there is a dark side, though, to this black friday. coming up, how thieves use this big shopping down to rip people off. >> rescue crews pulled five people from a yacht taking on water on san francisco bay. also on board, a dog, cat, and snake
of a bad problem sounds like involving a big rig, six to seven other vehicles. this is out in emeryville. so it's a large truck, some kind of garbage truck, blocking apparently two lanes right now in emeryville approaching powell street and then 6 to 7 other cars on the right-hand shoulder. they must have hit an object that fell off the truck. we could be seeing big problems in emeryville. we'll continue to follow that area down the eastshore freeway. in the meantime, it is slick outside so be extra careful this morning. this is what it looks like crossing the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 doesn't look like there's much of a delay to the drive time. they have finally finished the lane changes so now there's more lanes open towards doyle drive. and a quick look out towards silicon valley westbound 237 free and clear this morning leaving milpitas heading towards san jose. and a quick check in with mass transit. when it's slick like this, good idea to use mass transit. everything is on time. we'll continue to keep you updated about that accident in emeryville. that's "timesaver traffic
of activity in-- emeryville. >> there has been a steady stream of people all day and with the black friday deals the holiday shopping season has definitely begun. (music) >> is a festive a black friday at the emeryville shopping center people were out making the best of the deals. >> i got this abercrombie and fitch gift card. >> starting with the sisters gibbs, brothers, sisters and achieve and daughters of a couple of things. -- gets. >> and with the deep discounts and they were getting great deals some got into altercations. >> i was almost going to fight for a big, good deal but it was not worth it. >> it is definitely not worth it because there is always something for everyone storms have seeing-stores have seen- steady foot traffic. >> it has just been crazy, since 8:00 a.m. it has been nonstop. >> ever were, this place is of some this is where you need to be. >> as you can imagine, some people have been here all day. this one woman i spoke with did not like crowds but was so happy because of all the great deals she got. in emeryville, alecia reed, kron 4. >>pam: just to give you som
starting to develop as we look north from emeryville, we'll talk about how this will lead to fog and warmer than average temperatures through the first weekend in november. >>> here's another memorable moment from yesterday's giants' victory parade. >> we are going to talk about two northern california residents who escaped with shark attacks. how they got away. >>> here is another memorable moment from yesterday's giants' victory parade. look at that rolls-royce. manager bruce bochy and his wife were riding in, it ran out of gas. good samaritans helped push it to civic center plaza. >>> thousands of bay area homeowners with mortgages they cannot afford can get free help today in san -- in san jose. people started lining up this morning. the neighborhood assistance corporation of america known as naca is hosting the event. bankers from all major lenders on hand. we have a -- what are you hoping for? >> i'm heaping to get what the rates are going for around threes which will help out a lot with my current mortgage. >> services include assisting with onsite home loans and free loan modificati
. apple's next small thing arrives today. . pad mini hits stars. -- ipad mini hits stores. >>> emeryville, san francisco that's what we are seeing this morning look how clear the sky is, for now, high clouds on the way and fog forming now that's what we are going to talk about. then we'll get you ready for record highs. >>> new gang crackdown underway in san francisco's mission district. police have seen a spike in shootings there in the last two weeks, four injured, one died. blaming rivalries between gangs. >> want to tell us the whereabouts of the gun, tell us where something is about to happen we'll put police officers there, we'll go get the again if we don't arrest anybody that's fine with us, for things that do not happen. >> police are sending officers from other districts to patrol the mission. they've already arrested 12 people in the past week and seized five weapons. police are working for community organizations to offer job opportunities to at-risk youth. >>> residents in berkeley hill on the lookout for injured deer shot by an arrow wandering around with part of the arrow s
going between my colleagues and fred is in emeryville. how many coats do you have? >> reporter: hi, rita. we have 925 and counts. we are at bay street emeryville. i am so thankful for the girl scouts who are helping us out here. i'm so grateful for team in who donated. here is a very special story. a young man named mike, just turned 33, and he's got a new concept, a new idea, perhaps. >> yes. today is my 33rd birthday, and i want to start a few tradition that instead of me expecting someone to give me a gift, i'm going to give something to somebody else, because it's more blessed to give than to receive, and i can't think of a better way to be blessed on my birthday. >> he has donated $40, plus, check it out, a san francisco giants coat is going into the bin. help them out there, ladies! what's our slogan? what's our slogan? we want a thousand coats! we're 75 short. we're here until 6:30. you're going to be shopping anyway. come on down, bring one coat. it all starts with just one coat. warming communities one do it at a time. >> we're going to go straight to the board. this is wh
. >> this is video from emeryville. . the bay area looking fo holiday gifts >> we are having a wonderful day on a black friday i think that it be called a different color and black. there on hold in navy, the priest restocking their merchandise, constantly >> i got a lot of great things. >> i have got this great credit card that i've not used yet. from this into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> this leveled a bar in sprinkles, massachusetts. no one was inside during the explosion but 16 people were taken to hospital and none- life threatening injuries. it was so strong t
peak in emeryville across the bay bridge to san francisco. radar and satellite, we are picking up nothing but dry air over the area, except for up around santa rosa, still where there's enough lingering moisture for a quarter mile visibility there. something we are going to keep an eye on, watching the winds, winds calm doesn't look like it ising about to have much movement to it, northerly wind above the surface, one of the key things will it come out and start heading south. upper 40s in santa rosa and fairfield, rest of us in the 50s, a few 60s monterey bay mid 50s inland 49 gilroy 63 in salinas. record highs today and tomorrow, no one is immune own the -- even the coast could be record high temperatures, clear and comfortable at night this time of year it changes, cooler wednesday, wet weather thursday, friday and saturday and sunday still looking cool and very fall-like. today from the mid to upper 70s along the coast, low to mid 80s bay and low to upper 80s inland with upper 80s in the north bay valleys mid to upper 80s monterey bay and inland wouldn't be surprised if we tou
in emeryville, shoppers rushed in at midnight, many were hoping to get one of the 40-inch tvs or laptops for discounted prices. in san francisco, thousands pushed through the doors at this abercrombie and fitch store. >>> the sidewalks they were jammed with those on the hunt for deals. one man told ktvu news he didn't even have to wake up early to cash in on reduced merchandise. >> we didn't start that early. we started at 8:00. there were some pretty decent deals, stuff i could not pass up. >> reporter: for these international students, it was their first time participating in the american tradition aáepb -- and they had to take a little break after starting at 5:00 a.m. >>> thousands of people raced through the stores of the paragon outlets after the stores opened last night. in the spirit of the holiday shopping days, the doors stay open a little longer until 11:00 tonight. >>> others they skipped the outlets and headed right to their nearest mall. news chopper 2 was up early over the southland mall which opened at midnight. it stayed open until just a few minutes ago when it closed
people waited in lines for days for the doors to finally open. >>> at this best buy in emeryville, shoppers rushed in at midnight, many were hoping to get one of the 40-inch tvs or laptops for discounted prices. in san francisco, thousands pushed through the doors at this abercrombie and fitch store. >>> the sidewalks they were jammed with those on the hunt for deals. one man told ktvu news he didn't even have to wake up early to cash in on reduced merchandise. >> we didn't start that early. we started at 8:00. there were some pretty decent deals, stuff i could not pass up. >> reporter: for these international students, it was their first time participating in the american tradition aáepb -- and they had to take a little break after starting at 5:00 a.m. >>> thousands of people raced through the stores of the paragon outlets after the stores opened last night. in the spirit of the holiday shopping days, the doors stay open a little longer until 11:00 tonight. >>> others they skipped the outlets and headed right to their nearest mall. news chopper 2 was up early over the southland
for your weekend plans. darker clouds moving through the north bay, emeryville, we have a whole lot more rain. we'll give you a timetable so you can adjust your your plans this weekend. >> is this is the last twinkie production? hostess says they are shutting >> terry: maker of twinkie hostess brand is shutting down operations nationwide. katie marzullo joins us from the oakland business that is directly affected. >> reporter: these are already scarce, last two packets near the safeway. about 20 workers still picketing and they are holding the line until they hear from their union. hostess announced they are going out of business. columbo employees about 70 workers. workers walked off the job after cuts in pay and benefits. they said they had to draw the line somewhere. >> we're going to lose, we're going to lose everybody. we're in the same boat. that is why we're here. >> they are taking away almost our paycheck. it's not going to be no different. if they liquidate and close and have no job. >> the ceo of hostess says, quote, we deeply regret the necessity of today's decision but we do
the lights from emeryville but because of this we are looking at some mostly cloudy skies for oakland. temperatures relatively mild in the 50s for san francisco, berkeley. san jose, it is cooler in petaluma at 45. for tonight, look for this coastal fog to continue to press into the bay. and the valley for the east bay valleys and patchy, dense fog that could produced visibility by sunrise. for tomorrow, clouds clearing. mostly sunny for the afternoon not quite as warm but all in all a nice day. monday looks similar. with afternoon conditions a weather system pushing into the northern portion of the state. this is really starting to fall apart but it will increase the onshore wind. with temperatures down a few degrees and futurecast. midnight. there is that tail end of the system and the high clouds beginning to spill into the bay area. we will also have some low clouds at the coast and the bay. for the afternoon most of those clouds are gone and we will enjoy mostly sunny skies. temperatures starting off in the upper 30's and low 40's. 40's and 50's with the bay side. mid 40's and for
, berkeley into emeryville and macarthur maze over 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze on 80 westbound off the golden gate bridge light no fog actually very light out of the waldo tunnel no issues north 101 napa area of highway 29 still overturn blocking lane crews on seen northbound 880 at saves accident that is out of -- lanes. cal game 6:00 start at memorial stadium, parking is limit are asking that you stay away from parking on surface streets so please take bar to the cal game your best option to -- take bart to the cal game, your best option to get there. >>> muni asking for the public's help. amy hollyfield joins us live from the van ness station with video that authorities are hoping will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: that's the good news they have surveillance video of this guy. take a look. you don't see a station agent, but you see the man kick at somebody it looks unprovokeed he was not attacked this happen at van ness station. police say the man was mad at the station agent because he wouldn't let him take his bike on the train. >> reaching the platform level t
emeryville berkeley towards emeryville into the macarthur maze at the limit, no metering lights yet minor delay for cash paying folks into san francisco good upper deck ace train delay out of livermore 20 minutes, everybody else on time and regular schedule. drive times heading out, good drive from antioch towards concord up and over the altamont pass from tracy, 80 commute towards the maze. >>> happening now raley's employees continuing strike negotiations resume. this is outside the alameda raley's store picketers have been maintaining that line employees walked off the job last week over dispute involving pay and benefits. raley's has said concessions are needed to keep the chain competitive. they got back to the bargaining table yesterday employees say it is because their picketing is working and shoppers are not coming in, giving the store an incentive to get back to the table. the company operates 130 raley's super stores, bel air markets and nob hill foods in california and nevada. stay with abc7 morning news coming up amy hollyfield will buy the latest. >>> police in union city in
'll break down what to expect >>> wet weather over by richmond and emeryville and oakland and alameda. that is coming across the bay bridge and heading to places like tiburon and sausalito. light rain on the peninsula heading towards the east bayshore. we have light rain on 238 heading back towards the tri-valley. looks like we're going to have waves of rain today as the low approaches us. be prepared for wet weather at any time especially this morning and this evening. mild temperatures low to mid-50s. >> an update and news is good. heading into san francisco, earlier five car accident right before the tunnel. that has now been pushed off to treasure island. you can see that traffic is slowly starting to recover on the upper deck of the bay bridge. you can see bumper-to-bumper back into the macarthur maze. you will want to take bart this morning. it is on time. this is nasty commute across the bay bridge. take bart if that is possibility. an accident westbound 580 at 680. here is a look at drive times. that is altamont pass. 24 under 20 minutes and on east shore freeway, now 30 minut
is over 30 minutes to get to the upper deck. traffic and emeryville on interstate 80 in the westbound direction it the east shore freeway ride is backed up all the way to golden gate fields. the traffic backed up on the 58224. 24 is backed up to children's hospital. a new hot spot on 580 westbound and accident at the dublin interchange blocks the right hand lane and it has backed up the ride here from dublin raleigh back to first and livermore. as slow westbound 580 ride. >> daly city we've been following developments there. a water tank broke earlier this week sending a river of mud through the neighborhood. officials have been trying to get a hand on that before this weekend's rains come in. will tran is on the scene. >> they put measures up to prevent erosion from taken place. we will have to wait and see it as to whether not that will be enough. there is hay on the ground to prevent the mudslides from going on to the street. i could not even walk through there a couple of days ago without stumbling. it was so sick at your feet got stuck. they ask evaded most of the mud out and cle
. sun was up 6:53 and here is look at emeryville where you see the drops on the lens. there is fog and slick pavement. we still have more rain on the bay. the rain not only falling above the radar beam but also below the radar beam. we are looking at the green not only in the north bay but on the peninsula, san francisco, santa cruz mountains into the east bay. that is where we're going to zoom in from richmond to san pablo and down through moraga. dublin and we haven't seen much overnight, light to moderate rain pulling out of hayward and mist and drizzle. back toward the city down from colma and san bruno and here is the rain around lake tahoe. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada but we do have a winter storm warning for the southern sierra down to yosemite where upwards of two to three feet above 7500 feet. 1.58 for santa rosa. significant rain for sonoma county. half an inch in oakland with livermore, .19 and over a tenth in mountain view and san jose. the rain, here is a look at it statewide. it continues to push out from the south. we are looking at that mild southe
emeryville right across the bay. and the cloud cover is going to be increasing tonight, and more fog coming back, not only in emeryville and berkeley, but san francisco where you can see the low clouds just offshore. gorgeous sunset tonight. what we're going to find over the next 48 hours is a powerful storm system by bay area standards. the heart of the storm is sitting out here in the pacific. most of the strongest energy we have seen at this point for the first storm on wednesday is going to be heading off to the north. but even getting a small slice of the bottom edge of this storm, and we're going to be in for a very strong round of not only rain, but gusty winds that could provide some power outages. here is the other thing. the jet stream over the next three to five days is going to stay situated right across central and southern california. that will allow not only our wednesday storm system to roll in, but potentially four other storms as we head throughout this week. they're going to be in very quick succession. we could be dealing with isolated flooding concerns here across the b
$2 billion. liz? >> wow. all right. those deals must be worth it. don knapp in emeryville, thank you. >>> shoppers did start lining up well before the sun came up today. as elissa harrington shows us some bay area bargain hunters were disappointed before dawn instead of getting deals. >> reporter: >> reporter: and they're off! black friday shoppers got started a full day early this year. a slew of stores opened thursday. kmart in san mateo let customers in at 6 a.m. but deal seekers started lining up in the cold the night before. >> 10:00 last night. >> the firstget the deals for christmas all for the family. >> reporter: the hot ticket items electronics. >> tvs, computers, xboxest, you name it. >> reporter: hundreds at kmart waited hours for this tv a 32" plasma for $97. but the mad rush to the electronics section was a big disappointment for many shoppers. only 10 of those tvs were given out. >> i'm upset because i stayed up all night to come here. >> there's a limited supply as always in any store. >> reporter: so store workers gave out vouchers to the first 10 people in line. >>
. and warmer in the next seven-day forecast. let's get you outside. we're going to take you from emeryville, looking towards san francisco. you can see not a whole lot of dense fog for tonight. we'll have a clear start for a lot of the bay area tomorrow morning. and we'll push you into san jose. the city lights twinkling bright. not to much in cloud cover leftover. that's helping us to cool off at this hour. next 48 hours, we have happening the storm system pushing to the east. and here comes another east. it will push rainfall into washington and oregon. but for us, a little different matter. we have high pressure building in from the south and deflecting any rain at this point. also, gradually warming our temperatures up. we're not going to go with hot weather the next 48 hours. more on the mild side. for tomorrow, 50s and 60s at the coastline. we'll go with 70s inland. by this weekend, that's when we start to pull the trigger on much warmer weather, where temperatures could go up an estimated 5 to 15 degrees. for tomorrow morning, not a whole lot in way of extensive low cloud cover. we'l
clear the bay is and calm it is from vollmer peak emeryville towards san francisco live doppler 7 hd high clouds are starting to get close to the bay area and it is coming over the north bay which should limit the fog production which is getting underway now in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. we are going to have high clouds and sunshine today, brighter and warmer through the weekend that will lead to near record highs for monday and tuesday. let's talk about what is going on outside. our system from yesterday, pushed way overnight, high pressure settling, because the highs coming in with the clockwise flow, steering this next system to the north, we're just going to get some high clouds out of this system as the rain will fall apart. look how close it gets to our neighborhoods, comes right up to near the coast and then fall as part during the early evening and overnight hours. it will clear us out and patchy fog could form again tomorrow morning, especially inland. today's highs warmer than yesterday. low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to near 70° for the rest of us san fran
peak, emeryville towards san francisco clear. live doppler 7 hd you can see it spinning and it is going to pick up just about fog that's the only thing we are going to see around santa rosa now, quarter mile visibility, the rest of us are okay. how should you dress when you step out? 48 in santa rosa, 40 night fairfield, everybody else in the 50s to 60s around san francisco and fremont, monterey bay mid 50s, inland extremes 49 gilroy, 63 in salinas. big story today, record high temperatures today and tomorrow. clear and comfortable at night temperatures in the 50s and 60s cooler wednesday, kind of a two-day deal, wet thursday, possibly friday much needed rain on the back half of this dry trend and warm trend. mid to upper 70s along the coast, a few 80s, low to mid 80s around the bay, low to upper 80s inland with upper 80s being around santa rosa at 88° one of the warm spots, i wouldn't be surprised if you are driving and and your car thermometer hits 90 in santa rosa today. mid to upper 80s monterey bay, same inland some car thermometers are going to hit 90 from time to time today. 83
joins us live with more. >> reporter: shopping is why a lot of people come to emeryville when you shop is when you are going to feel the affects of prop 30, a quarter cent sales tax increase to fund prop 30 the wealthy californians will pay for the rest of prop 30 their income tax will go up between one and three percent. supporters of prop 30 were thrilled when they got word the measure was leading. this morning it was officially called that prop 30 had received support at the ballot box. governor brown staked his term as governor on this measure he pushed it hard, telling people there would be billions in cuts at the schools, if it failed. >> here we are, we have a vote of the people. i think the only place in america where a state said let's raise our taxes for our kids, for our schools. >> reporter: i just go off the phone with one of the lead opponents he said he's disappointed and predicts that voters will be surprised at the cost of this measure. he did concede the governor did a good job of drumming up support. this measure was sometimes up in the polls, sometimes it was down.
with that day of giving is going to help clouds from emeryville back towards san francisco one more picture san jose starting to see clouds dissipate enough for sun to breakthrough. doppler showing dry air no radar returns you can see clearing trend along the north bay especially the coast. that's that cold front that is kicking up the high clouds that we talked about replace low clouds into the afternoon clearing definitely slow but improving san jose has lowest visibility 2 1/2 miles temperatures in the 50s to 60s where we've had sunshine in the east bay valleys mid to upper 60s there same in gilroy closer you get to monterey bay more likely you are in the clouds and temperatures in the 50s slow sunshine leaves, much cooler today cooler tomorrow with cold front and showers and thunder still possible for friday. today compared to yesterday, yesterday record high temperatures today 10 to 15° cooler this is where we should be for early november. near 60 along the coast, mid to upper 60s bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland valleys with mid 70s in the east bay valleys sunshine better part of today 62
from the high definition emeryville cam, some high clouds starting to move in, and this well influence temperatures, not as cold as last night. the live doppler 7hd not showing any high clouds or moisture. that's good news. we'll get into a dry air mass overnight. current readings in the 50s. 55, san francisco, oakland, 59. ability -- antioch, 53. now, here's a look at our forecast. we will look for temperatures tonight not as cold, no frost advisories or warnings are in effect for the bay area tonight. it will be warmer through mid-week and then showers will return as we head into thursday and friday. speaking of cold. how cold? these are preliminary lows, cloverdale last night, 35. santa rosa, your low this morning was 30 degrees. napa, 32. check out novato. 29. antioch and san jose reached overnight temperatures of 38 degrees. the clouds over us helped to bring overnight temperatures up so we'll look for mid-to-upper 30s in the north bay. 48 for san francisco, 42 for half moon became interior east bay community, temperatures will be warmer overnight. upper 30s to mid-to-low 40s ther
in the east bay hills, looking down at emeryville towards san francisco, clear here, we have radar returns up to the north best over american canyon now to the heading towards vacaville and fairfield temperatures come up a little with extra clouds in the north bay were you in the mid 30s now low 40s, scattered frost for the third morning in a row 36 livermore, 34 fairfield, 37 half moon bay, 39 los gatos everybody else in the low to mid 40s. 39 watsonville. you have to dress warmly for the morning hours. as we medicine into the afternoon, going to be slightly warmer today than it was over the weekend. warmer days through thursday pattern unsettled with a chance of wet weather friday, get a break saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week we could have heavier rain. açts=w[z highs today 60s everywhere after the 50s over the weekend lowb5jh, 50s at the coast, half moon bay from 37 to 58, good jump, nice spread so it will feel better during the afternoon. low to mid 60s monterey bay, mid 60s inland. tonight, looks like a few clouds across the north bay that will keep new the low to mid 40s
will be wearing that back home. vollmer peak towards emeryville back towards san francisco, picture not as clear as it has been haze developing, still not a spare the air day our air quality is fine. live doppler 7 hd spinning on top of mount st. helena clouds over the coast, a few high clouds through the morning become more dominant into the afternoon. with mainly clear sky, coolest fairfield and napa, upper 30s(kt there, 40s everywhere else until you go san francisco 52°. monterey bay low to mid 40s around the bay inland 39 in gilroy to 48 in salinas.wiv mostly sunny, warmer this afternoon. our warmest day is tomorrow. we'll have unsettled weather at the end of the week in the form of showers. today we are one degree warmer in oakland and santa rosa 67, concord five degrees warmer san francisco 65, 69 san jose. fremont from 60 yesterday to 69°. impressive considering we only get 10 hours and 11 minutes of sunshine this time of the year. here's a look at everybody, everybody in the 60s even at the coast, low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s bay and inland. monterey bay mid 60s to effie -- to 70. l
in emeryville and not san francisco. >> reporter: a house like this won't last long on the market. >>> change is coming to the forecast as we head into tomorrow. it doesn't look like they're going to see rain tomorrow. if we do, it'll be very late in the evening. but we're definitely going to see more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. the rain continues to move in friday morning, and another round of showers into saturday. and more rain expected later in the weekend. satellite and radar pictures showing some increasing cloud cover out there right now. the storm is it still sitting well down to the south. our storms come up from the north typically. but this is a rare instance. here it is. of you can also you can also see some subtropical moisture getting pulled into this. we're going to be seeing rain, doesn't look like tomorrow, but into friday. futurecast shows a few showers into the 8:00 hour, but this is the only model i've seen showing rain this early. by 10:00, i think that could be the earliest we'll actually see rain for tomorrow evening. overnight, that's when the rain is really e
outside from high definition emeryville camera. no rainfall but i want to show you what it looks like from that perspective. clouds moving in. moisture is not far away as you look to the southwest we do have clouds and green showing up on the screen. understand it's going to take a while before moisture starts to reach the ground. sprinkles possible in the north bay. and we do have our own doppler. temperatures at this hour, you can see 57 in half moon bay we have plenty of 50s and 60s around, today another mild day. san jose, 71 for the high. and say goodbye for mild weather. light showers developing after midnight. periods of rain through sunday morning and we're looking at a chance of rain into next week. so this is going to be sometime before web see a major break in the weather. tomorrow morning, grab your umbrellas out of the door, make sure you have coats with you. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s so a milder morning with cloud cover. you'll notice showers starting to come in along the coast. and moving in over parts ofzñ the bay. this system is a warmer one. so moist, mild air he
will see rain out of this system. right now it is a little dry from this advantage point in emeryville towards san francisco. >>> the most dangerous toys on store shelves, how to make sure they don't end up under >>> sesame work -- workshop says elmo pup tear kevin clash has resigned. -- last week a man accused clash of having sex with him when he was a teenaged boy a charge clash denied. a day later the man recanted. sesame calling it a distraction that led to his decision to leave the show. >>> before you start holiday shopping, you might want to check out this year's list of potentially dangerous toys. this morning 27th annual trouble in toyland report released a keychain rattle may be harmful to little ears. in the choking hazard is a bowling game. wait, i think i have that. the toy contains small parts that are easy to swallow in the toxic chemicals category, dora the explore backpack. for a complete list go to click on see it on tv. >> -- >>> rain is on is way, right? >> absolutely we can always use more, more snow in the sierra that's what we are going to get south
street, eighth street and 24th street out toward emeryville. light to moderate rain out toward alameda. we pulled out to show you the rest of the bay area. san francisco toward the peninsula, it is pouring in the knob hill of san francisco. the san francisco warrior friend says it is rainy in hillsburo -- in hillsboro. it has been coming down out side our studios. a steady rain around third street. the great highway. it is still raining and it is raining in tahoe at blue canyon as well. you can see on doppler radar that we are starting to pick up snow. there is a winter weather advisory up. in the far end of sonoma county, more than four inches in the last 24 hours. santa rosa over an inch. san francisco .13. you notice san jose, livermore, concord, trace amounts. it has varied quite a bit from north to south. temperatures at this hour in the 50s and 60s. it is breezy out of the south. here are the highlights. wet and breezy overnight. showers ending by noon tomorrow. it will be dry for thanksgiving head nooght weekend. tomorrow morning carry your umbrellas with you. temperatures in th
in emeryville, san francisco's ferry building, santana row in san jose, and broadway plaza in walnut creek. you can get more information on on the front page under hot topics. >>> a very sweet work of art was unfailed today at the westin st. francis in san francisco. standing 12 feet tall and weighing more than 1300 pounds, the holiday sugar castle features more than 30 rooms and a train. it was originally created in 2005 e every year more is added to it. new is the addition of the top 20 12newsmakers on display throughout the -- 2012 newsmakers on display throughout. and he brings the theme together and a lot of joy. >> it will be on display on powell street through january 3rd. >>> when we come back, how low can they go? we'll tell you the latest numbers on home mortgage rate is. rate-- rates. ous? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >
. live look at san francisco skyway, things are moving well at the moment. i-80 in emeryville thickening up, it is only 11:00 in the morning. terry mcsweeney joins us from san francisco international. >> reporter: 60,000 people expected to fly out of sfo today that is like filling up candlestick park and telling everybody to go to the airport and fly somewhere it has been an ebb and flow all morning right now you see virgin america, nobody there there was a rush earlier i hope i'm not jinxings anything when i say things so far going smoothly. this morning a rush, long lines, nothing unexpected on this day before thanksgiving. we met one woman hoping to avoid the rush who arrived 7:30 last night for her 6:30 flight this morning. >> i thought there was going to be lines and a lot of people. turns out they are not open yet. >> reporter: long lines come and go by 9:00 terminal 2 looks like it does most days. >> although we have heavy pang loads today, we are getting them out -- heavy passenger loads today we are getting them out and they are moving on to their holiday destination. >> reporte
right now at all that traffic along interstate 80 in emeryville on this wednesday night. it is slow going in both directions in this area. now we want to take you to the south bay. it looks a little bit better, a little bit more movement here. but, again, a heavy night of traffic as people get away for the holiday. aaa says it expects 5.4 million californians to travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving holiday. and has live reports and apps. just click on the traffic tab at the top of our home page. >>> a second san francisco sheriff's deputy is facing criminal charges tonight. david stevenson spoke to the attorney representing the deputy who is accused of attacking a woman. >> reporter: it began with a confrontation last month between neighbors on this black of san bruno avenue. now 36-year-old greene faces six misdemeanor charges, including criminal threats, possession of a deadly weapon and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. >> really, the only thing she did wrong in this incident is she lost the race to dial 911. >> reporter: green's attorney
street and emeryville, down san jose. and walnut creek. look under the hot topic section at for more information. well, it's not only bath, but it's bigger and sweeter than ever, a castle made of edible items, now drawing crowds to a big hotel. meteorologist mark tells us where the rain has come and gone on thanksgiving. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millio
expects holiday sales to top $586 billion. >>> this old navy store in emeryville was open during the day today. the store's manager says they expect to see many of their customers in line again tonight. and for the top things you need to know about black friday and the best way to save this season, go to our website, friday. >>> the cease-fire between israel and hamas has survived its first full day. what both parties have to do now to ensure that the truce remains in effect. >> reporter: palestinians are celebrating the end of gaza's worst fighting in years. they say it's safe enough to fill the streets again. they're digging out, cleaning up, and burying their dead. a fragile truce is holding, and the eight days of fighting between israel and hamas that's killed at least 162 palestinians and six israelis. thousands of israeli soldiers who were deported to the gaza border for a possible ground invasion have pulled out, bringing many relief. >> i just put faith in the palestinian people that they're going to hold up their end of the cease-fire. >> reporter: hamas promised
. that was the scene in emeryville when the doors opened at that best buy at midnight. many people who lined up said they were trying to get their hands on a 40-inch television for 180 bucks and a laptop for 200 dollars. >> when you get in there, you get in and out. >> the electronic giants offered discounts on phones, ipadsings video games and dvds. >>> retailer experts say there could be a smaller turn out as many people may be shopping the online black friday deals. and they predict online sales will go up 18% as more brick and mortar stores are putting their deals online. >>> workers at bay area wal- mart stores say they will walk off the job during the big holiday rush. this is a video from maryland where wal-mart workers off the job as shoppers were ready to go inside the store. right now they're holding a march there. southeasterly of -- southeasterly of -- several of the protests are planned at wal- marts in the bay area. some shoppers say they'll support the workers, others say they'll go in and shop. >> if they walk out, i'm not going to shop until they settle. you can bet that. >> pickete
of concern. macarthur maze 580 and 880 come together in emeryville, 580 ramp to eastbound 80 shutdown for roadwork for another 20 minutes otherwise traffic flowing nicely. southbound 680 at washington car fire on the right they thought they had it out crews left and boom, the fire started back up. they are back. roadwork marin county, down to one right lane southbound from cortamadera through mill valley towards sausalito, things open up for the waldo grade, roadwork on golden gate bridge north part of the span for another 20 minutes. westbound 4 harbor big rig on fire, smoking on the shoulder still a good ride out of antioch. injury accident in san jose on the almaden expressway. >>> another look at where the rain and the winds are coming up. >>> next, new effort to fight rising gang crime in the south bay. how police departments are teaming up. >>> controversial plan to make flying safer at san jose's airport is put on hold. the reason for >> good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd showing a line of showers offshore this is the beginning edge of the cold front. it continue
it to emeryville. where did you come from? >> it was terrible. traffic was terrible. >> reporter: how long did it take you? >> almost an hour to get here this morning. >> reporter: how long would that normally take? >> not even 25 or 30 minutes. >> reporter: and he hasn't made it to the bay bridge yet where high winds added to the delay. he says this is the busy season. >> we have a lot more calls. it's almost double the volume and most of it is all freeway and off-ramp situations. >> reporter: we tried to ask him more questions, but -- >> i don't know if i got one. >> reporter: back on the road. and san francisco international airport, well, the picture wasn't much better. >> we've seen about 16 cancellations thus far today. primarily on short-haul flights. this will help mitigate some of the delays we experience today. >> reporter: the biggest impacts was on the west coast for arrivals and departures. this woman was delayed ten hours to las vegas where she really doesn't get to fuss. >> did they say why? >> weather conditions, but i just see rain and i'm from london and the uk so that means
this morning". bobby edwards dice que se tard ms de una hora en llegar a emeryville cuando normalmente le toma tan solo 25 minutos.. sin embargo, algunos ni siquiera lograron llegar a su destino.. cg steve simonsen - chofer de gra "it's a lot more calls, it'a almost double the volume" el chofer de esta grua dice que hoy recibio casi el doble de llamadas de conductores varados en las autopistas donde la patrulla de caminos desplaz a mas agentes para detener a personas que manejen a exceso de velocidad. cg bryce danenhauer - agente de la patrulla de caminos "there could be a tree across the road, there could be an accident". bryce danenhauer dice que en algunas curvas sobre todo en las montaÑas de santa cruz, los conductores podran ser sorprendidos por un arbol cado o un accidente y por eso les piden tener mas precaucion. el mal clima tambien afect a los que viajan por avion.. cg doug yakell - vocero, aeropuerto de s.f. "we've seen about 60 cancellations thus far today" este vocero dice que la lluvia provoc al menos 60 cancelaciones de vuelos en el aeropuerto internacional de san francisco dond
and wind showing up on observations already. let me is how live picture from emeryville camera. winds gusting out of the south-southeast at 20-25 miles an hour. over the higher terrain, gusting over 50 miles an hour. let's get to live doppler 7-hd. most of the rain has been concentrated in the north bay but moisture is now starting to shift down to the south and east. down to street level, san rafael anderson road, paradise drive, light rainfall around mill valley. it is starting to push in towards the east bay. you can see richmond, berkeley out towards benicia and walnut creek, still very light. hercules, rodeo area, you will likely run into wet rhodes roadways. gary boulevard, ocean avenue light returns. it's only going to get worse. heavy rain and strong winds coming for the morning. rain continues on saturday and stormy weather on sunday. check thought storm. it is very large circulation and it is tapping in into a moisture that stretches all the way back. this sub troll moisture will add to our rainfall totals. we are expecting significant rain. we start computer man makes, it's
conditions again and the possibility more power outages. emeryville towards san francisco, 200 feet up in the clouds on mount tamalpais you can see how breezy it is in the higher elevations if we have issues with trees it will be above 2,000 feet the rest of the afternoon. live doppler 7 hd i would like to zoom in where the rain is heaviest and show you, but it is heavy everywhere. look at all those yellows and oranges, pulling off the peninsula, firmly entrenched from berkeley, oakland, alameda, san leandro to hayward heading through the east bay hills into the east bay valleys all the way towards livermore. that's where heaviest of the rain is now. we have a couple of strong returns as you come out of the mountains along 92 from half moon bay towards san mateo and redwood city expect an uptick in your rain. a lot of the green south bay even yellow into the santa cruz mountains, on the left another wall of heavier rain headed for pescadero, santa cruz mountains and into san jose in the south bay other the next hour or so. i think the hour to two hour timeframe is good for the heaviest
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